May 17, 2016


My mom taught me one of the most valuable lessons in life, and her words keep replaying in my head… this lesson is about satisfaction… the beauty of life when you believe in satisfaction…

Before every big step in my life, my mom insisted that I worked so hard and put my utmost effort in everything I do, but she insisted mostly on recognising satisfaction… simply put, she told me “you will never be happy if you don’t feel satisfaction. It is so easy to look elsewhere and think that there is better out there, in everything… the secret is looking at all the beauty you have…” Now this might sound cliche but to me it is a lesson I live by everyday that has helped shape my whole vision in life… Sometimes it is hard though, I’ve been through times where it was  nearly impossible to look at the bright side, sometimes things happen which make us forget and blinded to see the beauty in our lives. But this is mainly when I sit back and hear those words again, I point out what I have in my life that I feel so blessed and thankful for that I wouldn’t trade in for anything in the world… and just like that, like magic the world becomes so beautiful again…

On a much lighter note, something I am super happy about is the come back of the off-the-shoulder trend!! I have to say my closet is filled with such tops in all colours. One of my favourite is the one I am wearing in this post from Uterque, I love the sleeves and the way it cuts on the waist. Be it paired with shorts, denims, a pencil skirt, to me it all works…For this outfit, I wore it with a camel skirt and beautiful accessories all from Uterque.

All photos by the talented Patrick Sawaya.




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