Sleep… I miss you

June 15, 2016

Never had I expected to treat sleep as such a luxury. Today, happy hour is nap time (if I am lucky enough to have one)

You could only imagine with three babies what a night in our home looks like… One thing I could tell you, is that we could definitely count on one hand the full nights we’ve had since August 2015! This sounds so depressing!

Not that my babies are difficult but they ARE babies… So even if for whatever reason each one wakes up once between 7 and 7 thats already 3 interruptions in the night… So yes I do miss full nights of sleep oh so much.

Having said that, there are little things that help.. yes! some amazing companies create amazing things that help our amazing babies sleep more comfortably… and by amazing companies, in this case I mean Pampers.

Mommies, I am not sure if you have tried the new papers premium care… I could definitely tell you that it is making my wish (all babies sleep through the night) come closer to reality!!! The new technology behind them helps absorb and spread out the urine through the absorbent channels which enables our precious ones to last much longer with a dirty diaper!

Hope you enjoy these pictures of me and my angels that I love so dearly despite the fact that they have deprived me of sleep for so long.


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