Is More Necessarily Better?

June 13, 2016

I find it so difficult in the world we live in to make a decision and trust it. Back in the day, it was so simple – knowledge was limited. Today, we are exposed to so much, when it comes to decision making you will find on the click of a mouse thousands of opinions, views, articles, that could facilitate or in many cases make your process much harder. It makes me wonder, is it always beneficial to know so much and be exposed to so much? How did our parents do it and survive so easily? Today I literally Google everything… Imagine life without Google??

I am now in the process of looking into schooling for my children. Even though it’s still quite early, I am exploring different options and programs… and OMG!! You could never find the perfect one… So many articles on the pros and cons of the systems… So many things to read and process… how will I know If I am choosing the best for my little one?

And that is only one of the things… how about all the different research you could find on health, on beauty products… and if this type of food is healthy or not, or of this is the best diet or not… and it goes on and on…

Now don’t get me wrong, I think we are extremely lucky to be living in an age where information so accessible but sometimes I feel knowing less of some things won’t hurt you… Would you agree?

In todays post, I am wearing a less is more kind of look… haha and I love it…

You could never go wrong in a full denim look, it’s my go to outfit when I am not sure what to wear, and it always works 🙂

All pictures by the amazingly talented Banan Alawneh.

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