To My Younger Self…

June 19, 2016

I often get asked, “if you had one advice to give people or your younger self what would it be?” Even though there is definitely a lot I would like to tell the young Karen, on the top of my list would surely be “Do not worry about what other people will think or say”.

Now the reason I strongly believe in this is because there are some things that I avoided doing in my life only because I was worried about what people would think, or if they would make fun of me or judge me for doing a certain thing.

I do not regret those things, I however have learnt from my experience. It is definitely easier said than done since we live in a society with people around us who are always free to give their opinion. It is for you to put all this noise behind you, feel confident about your decision, and go ahead and do it.

I am obviously referring to things that you believe you are good at and things that will definitely make a positive impact on you and the world around you. Now sometimes you are lucky enough to be surrounded by some pillars in your life that will always be there to support you and encourage you, and these people are the ones you should listen to… Unfortunately however, this is not everyone!

On the occasion of fathers day, I would like to say a little word to my other half. This guy, my husband, has been the biggest support I am lucky to have. Not only to me but to our whole family. He is always there for us, always making things easier for us. Thank you my love for making us the utmost priority in your life, and thank you for constantly bringing out the best in me and pushing me to be a better me. Happy father’s day.

Outfit Details: 

Dress: Uterque

Shoes: Andrea Wazen

Bag: Gucci

Location: Four Seasons DIFC Dubai

Photographer: Banan Alawneh


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