Walls that Talk

September 29, 2016

This wall, I pass by it almost every other day when in Beirut, and it never goes unnoticed.

The colours, the size, the wonderment of when and how it was painted, but most of all that image, of a mother carrying her baby.

It left me to thinking, how sometimes we are able to take things in life for granted… I wake up to the calls of my babies everyday and bring them to our bed and sing songs together. This could be very normal to a lot of people… but unfortunately not to everyone.

Would I have focused as much on this wall prior to motherhood? I wouldn’t know… Who is this artist anyway? Could this be a memory from his childhood?

I have no particular artistic capacity, and to be frank always envied people who could express themselves through art; be it, music, poetry, painting, graffiti for that matter, or fashion…

From Beirut stems so much art and artists in different industries, making their work renowned worldwide, making me so proud to call it home.

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