Post-Pregnancy- Pre-Beach Body

March 31, 2016

I’ve never been someone who likes to hit the gym or is fond of healthy food and I’ve always wished I was one of those lucky people who enjoyed it and made it their daily routine.
Ironically though, I often get asked what I did to bounce back to my original weight after having the twins but truth is that 7 months later, I still haven’t. I just hide it really well. I definitely don’t look at myself in the mirror and see the body I had pre- pregnancy, or rather pre-pregnancies!
I did however, teach myself to take it easy. After all it did take 9 months for my body to create and make a cozy home for these beautiful angels, I should give it enough time to form back!
In this post I want to share with you a couple of pointers which helped me get to where I am today. 🙂
1) I never force myself to do a work out I don’t enjoy. Instead, I focus on what I enjoy doing and it feels so much less like a sport and more like a fun activity. For example, my husband and I take “fast walks” at least twice a week. We chitchat and tell each other stories and it makes time pass by so much quicker!! I also benefit from strolling with the kids, and often enough I try to make it a fast stroll so that I lose a couple of calories without even feeling it.
2) When I feel like I have to do some cardio, what helps is downloading a show on my ipad, and not allowing myself to watch the next episode unless I am on the treadmill which absolutely works! Lol (Especially if I’m watching something like making a murderer and really want to know whats coming next!)
3) I came to accept the fact that food is never going away! So if I don’t have that pizza that I really really want, I can have it next month and enjoy it with much less guilt. 🙂
4) I never deprive myself of anything, but I pay close attention to quantity. When a donught looks too good, I’ll have a bite of it and I’m done!
5) With beach season around the corner, I got myself some really nice one piece bathing suits which thank God are in fashion now SO no need to worry about showing off my stomach. :p
6) When I have the time, I try to tan by myself, before actually going to the beach with friends, because being tanned makes you feel better and hides things. 😉 (But wear sunscreen, no one looks good burnt!!!)
7) I learnt not to compare myself to anyone else! Every body is different and everybody is different!
8) Last and most importantly not least, I remind myself everyday that my body is just so amazing for having made my little angels! I will give it all the time it needs to get back in shape but really no time is enough to repay it for the blessings it gave me!!!

My little angels Karlie and Kay are wearing bathing suits from Gymboree. I have to say I was going to eat them up while taking these photos!!! Those matching swim hats have to be the cutest thing ever!


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