Routine, Routine, Routine

May 2, 2016

IMG_4135 When I found out I was pregnant with the twins, I knew that it would not be easy having three babies under the age of 1… the key I knew would be, Routine!

I tried following a couple of books that were recommended to me like “Contended Baby” by Gina Ford and many others, but I have to admit I did not find it easy. I then decided to follow my babies’ routines, and implement them to my lifestyle and this is currently what has been working for us.

(Keep in mind: Georgie is now 18 Months old and the Girls are 8 Months old)

All my babies are up by 7:00 am

7:00 am

G: 240ml of milk

K&K: 180 ml of Formula

8:00 am

G: Georgie goes off to Nursery

K&K: Play in their play area with their toys

Mom: Comes home to spend time with the twins after dropping Georgie off to the nursery 

9:00 am

G: Nursery

K&K: still playing with background music 

Mom: Gym in the building

10:00 am

G: Nursery

K&K: 180 Ml of Formula 

Mom: Gets ready for meetings/ shoots/ Blogs at home

10:30 am

G: Nursery

K&K: Nap for 1 hour

11:30 am

K&K: Fruits

1:00 pm 

K&K: 180 ml of Formula

1:30 pm

G: Georgie finishes Nursery and starts napping in the car

Mom: Picks Georgie up from Nursery and heads home

2:00 pm

G: Georgie still naps till 3:30

K&K:  Nap till 3:30

Mom: Me time While babies nap 🙂

3:30 pm

All babies wake up and we have some quality play time together at home.

G: Has a snack (either crackers or fruits)

4:00 pm

Georgie plays in the children’s play area in our building or we go out somewhere to play

K&K: Have their meal (currently: Veggies + Protein)

5:00 pm

K&K: Girls go for an outdoor stroll and have some Camomile tea (good for soothing stomach pain and for relaxing)

6:00 pm

G: Dinner time

K&K: Bath time

7:00 pm

G: Bath time

K&K: Bed time

7:15 pm

G: Reading time with Dad or Mom and off to sleep

7:30 pm

Quite time!!! :):):) 

This is what a typical week day in our family looks like… Routine is so important for children… now being able to stick to it is definitely not easy but very beneficial for the children’s comfort and stability. I am all for finding a routine that fits your life style… whether this means having your children sleep at 6:00 pm or 9:00 pm or having their lunch at 1:00 pm or at 4:00 pm… it doesn’t matter, I believe it is mostly important to follow a rhythm and system that suits the whole family, while always making sure your babies are healthy and happy 🙂

PS: I am no expert in motherhood, I wish there was such a thing… I am sharing with you a schedule that suited our family dynamics perfectly, giving everyone the time they need to eat, play, laugh, sleep and most importantly feel loved!!

In this post all my cuties are dressed in outfits from Gymboree. Matching my little three is so much fun for me… these little onesies have to be the cutest little simple overalls with the the wording that I believe describe my babies well :):) and the omg the matching hats!!!! obsessed!








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